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Shop for Metal Detectors to do Treasure Hunting - Gold Prospecting, Pulse Metal Detector with Tow Blanket Coil, 3D Imaging Units, Resistivity Detecting. 

Find treasure with our metal detectors and superior gold finding instruments. We provide quality treasure hunting gold metal detectors, custom imaging instruments for treasure hunting, gold prospecting and utility locating. If you want to get results check out our high performance treasure hunting gold finding metal detectors which are specifically designed for deep detecting to find gold, meteorites, artifacts, relics and treasure faster.

The GoldDriller Treasure Navigator

Specifications:Signal: Digital- EXTREME MINING  PRECISION

Weight: Approx 23 lbs

Range: Miles Plus (adjustable)

Depth: Tested to 200 feet, adaptable for Drilling Water searches and Oil Field Exploration


GoldDriller Mother Load Locator Ground Penetrating Surveyor

Covers 24,000 square feet,  approximately 1/2 acre     

    Determines size, shape   and depth to 130 feet


The GoldDriller Millennium-2000

Weight:  Approx  9 lbs.

Range:  Miles plus (adjustable) depending on terrain

Depth:  Tested to 200 feet. Adaptable for shipwreck or water searches


GoldDriller Treasure Trail Blazer

Frequencies are supplied in our owner manual, or the "GoldDriller Treasure TrailBlazer" has the ability to signature or fingerprint any object. Most common frequencies are Gold, Silver, Diamonds, currency, Platinum, Emeralds, etc. The GoldDriller Treasure TrailBlazer also has the ability to signature the difference between refined gold and natural gold.

With all of the Exclusive Hi-Tech Features built in, you have power and precision at your command. All of this in a simple format! Your options are endless and easy, Locate  your  minerals or  treasure  and start drilling !


GoldDriller MaxiPulse Plus

Depth -  30 feet  Plus


GoldDriller Maxi Pulse -5000

Depth:   6 to 15 feet plus  


GoldDriller PPL Treasure Finder



Range: 100 yards plus on a one ounce gold coin, miles plus on large targets

Depth: 100 feet plus on large targets


The GoldDriller Raven LRL



The GoldDriller Raven gives you your choice of precise settings, which will detect and pinpoint Gold, Silver, diamonds, and paper currency. Range on the GoldDriller Raven is approximately 50 - 100 yards on small items, (coins, jewelry, etc.) and one mile or more on larger targets depending on the terrain.


GoldDriller ThunderStick Long Range Locator








Exclusive features found only on the GoldDriller PDF-1000 allow you to quickly set-up and search a mining claim area for up to 10 miles in all directions and 200 feet in depth. If a precious metal target is present, you will know immediately if you have refined Gold, natural or all Gold, or Silver, regardless of what your target is buried in (mining tunnel, iron, wood, glass, steel, etc.). This is accomplished using our exclusive precision frequencies (accurate to 1/10,000 Hz) and totally new advanced harmonics distribution.